I started teaching English 1-on-1 in November 2019, and in January 2020 started teaching English on italki.  While looking for English material to send to my students, I noticed a few things:

  • The content isn't actually useful - I often have to tell my students which phrases are useful, which ones they can forget, and so on.
  • A lot of things are out of date - Sometimes my students ask me about a phrase they read somewhere, and I would tell them " I've never heard anyone use that phrase in my life."
  • Typos, typos, typos! - Everyone makes typos, but when creating content for people learning English, people should pay attention to what they're writing. Students sometimes can't find the mistakes, and might learn something incorrectly.
  • They lack useful examples - This is a bit different from my first point. Sometimes, the topic (such as a grammar rule) is quite useful, but the examples given don't show you how a native would use that same grammar rule or word.