Do you know the difference between "enough" and "too?" 🤔

I often catch my students (especially native Russian speakers) using "enough" when "too" is probably the word they should use. Keep reading to learn the differences & when to use them!


Enough is used when you want to say that you do or don't have as much as you need for something. For example:

  • I don't have enough time to finish everything = I don't have the amount of time I need to finish everything.
  • I have enough money to rent an apartment. = I have the amount of money I need to rent an apartment.

Grammar Rules for Enough:

Adjective + enough : I'm not tall enough to reach the top shelf.

Adverb + enough : They're not running quickly enough! They're going to miss the bus!

Enough + noun : She has enough books to fill a library!



"Too" is used when you want to say that there is more of something than needed or wanted. For example:

  • It's too hot outside today! = The temperature outside is hotter than I would want it to be.
  • The exam was too difficult! = The exam was more difficult than I wanted it to be.

Grammar Rules for Too

Too + adjective : This is taking too long!

Too + adverbs : She is talking too quickly for me to understand.

Too + much or many : I have too much work to do today. // He has too many ideas but none of them are good.

  • much is for uncountable nouns & many is for countable nouns. In general, uncountable nouns don't have a plural form while countable nouns do.


I hope this post was enough to help you understand the difference! It's not too difficult - with some practice, you'll be able to use both easily!😎

Nicole ~