1. Rona  ➽ short for 'Corona.' Some people also say "vid, 'short for 'Covid,' although I've seen more people use 'rona.' It's also sometimes personified as "Ms. Rona."
  2. Sus ➽ short for 'suspicious' or 'suspect.' It's used when you want to say that something or someone seems suspicious.  Ex: Seems a little sus. // They're so sus .🤨


3.  Simp  ➽ A 'simp' is a person who will do anything to impress someone, most often a guy who will do anything for a girl (although it has also been used to refer to women who do the same for someone they like). It's also sometimes used as a verb, 'simping.'

4.  Cap/ Capping ➽ This means "lie" or "lying." People most often use it after they made some kind of statement, then they say " No cap!" meaning that they're not lying, what they said is the truth. It can be considered the same as "seriously," or " no BS."

5. Go off ➽ This is most often used to encourage someone, particularly if they are doing something amazing or expressing their opinion. For example, if someone on Instagram is posting about something that made them upset (and you agree), you can comment " Go off!" to mean "Yes, keep going!"

6. YMMV ➽ This is an acronym for " Your Mileage May Vary," meaning " It might be different for you" or " You might have a different experience." It is used most often when giving recommendations or sharing personal experiences with a product or service. For example, if someone online is asking for a product recommendation, you could say " Product X worked really well  for me, but YMMV."

7. Sleeping on/ sleepin on (sth) ➽ If something is being "slept on," this means that no one is paying attention to a particular person or thing, and they deserve more attention because they're good. For example, if you like a certain artist but they aren't popular, you can say " Everyone is sleepin  on [name of artist]'s music! They're so good!" Or, if you like a certain type of drink (let's say matcha lattes), you can say " Why is everyone sleepin on matcha lattes? They're better than regular lattes!" 🍵

8. IMO ➽ Acronym for "In my opinion," and is used as normal. For example,  "That doesn't look good IMO," or " IMO you should try something else."

Another variant is " IMHO," which means " In my humble opinion," or " In my honest opinion."

9. IIRC ➽ Acronym for " If I recall correctly," or "If I remember correctly." It is used when you're not sure if you remembered something correctly. For example, if someone asks " When did X event happen?" you could respond with " IIRC it happened in May 2018."

10. NSFW ➽ Acronym for " Not Safe For Work," meaning that certain content is not safe to look at in public (or in this case, at work). It is often used when someone makes a post with pictures or descriptions that may be sexual or gory (meaning - involving or showing violence and bloodshed).

11. WIP ➽ Acronym for "Work In Progress." It is used when something is incomplete.  For example, if you want to post a picture of a project you're working on, you can write this caption: " I've been working on this project for a few weeks now. It's still a WIP but I like how it looks."

12. LMK ➽ Acronym for "Let Me Know," and is used as normal. For example, if you give someone a suggestion, you can write " LMK if you like it or not."

13. TBH ➽ Acronym for " To Be Honest," which is used when you want to give your honest opinion about something (usually one that others might not agree with). For example, let's say you watched a TV show that everyone seems to like - but you don't like it - you could write " tbh I didn't enjoy it that much."

==Note: Usually when we type acronyms, we type them in lowercase, even if they're at the beginning of a sentence.==

14. AFAIK ➽ Acronym for " As Far As I Know," meaning that you think something is true, but you're not entirely sure. It used the same way as "IIRC."

I hope you found this post useful! LMK what you think, no cap! 😇